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Community Organizations

  • Friends of the RiverFront - Restoring, Preserving and promoting the rivers and riverfronts of the Pittsburgh region
  • Nine Mile Run Watershed Association - established in 2001,the Nine Mile Run Watershed Association works to improve the watershed environment by supporting residents' efforts to increase green spaces, promoting lot level solutions to stormwater problems, providing citizen training for urban ecological stewardship, and acting as an information clearinghouse about key watershed issues
  • Pennsylvania Environmental Council - Promoting sustainable use of our land and natural resources, protecting our watersheds, and finding innovative solutions to environmental problems
  • Venture Outdoors- non-profit organization dedicated to promoting outdoor recreation and Western Pennsylvania as a great place to live, work and play outdoors.
  • hayswoods.org - What is Hays woods? It's 635 acres of undeveloped and forested stream valleys within Pittsburgh city limits that developers are planning to change greatly, including filling in the stream valleys and removing leftover coal.

Art or ____?

Art and Ecology - Systemic Intervention

  • AMDandART - addresses the issue of Acid Mine Drainage in western PA and has been working to establish a model of renewal that brings the perspective of history to mix with the discipline of science, the healing accessibility and delight of innovative design, and the energy of community engagement.
  • Allegheny Land Trust - Helping local people save local land. At a time when Pittsburgh's scenic hillsides are being threatened by strip mining and logging, the Allegheny County Land Trust recently purchased to protect 212 acres in Foward Township
  • The Ashden Directory of Environment and Drama - the first directory and website resource devoted to the field of environment and performance.
  • ArtsEdNet, Ecological Art Galleries: The Getty Foundations site of curriculum ideas and eco-art resource mateials.
  • Arts & Ecology is a new Royal Society for the Arts programme, conducted with the Arts Council England. Supporting the work of the arts in examining and addressing environmental concerns in an international arena.
  • Between Nature: Explorations in Ecology and Performance:
    27-30 July 2000 - was the first major regional, national and international conference for those concerned with the interface between performance and ecology.
  • BIRD BRAIN UPDATE - choreographer Jennifer Monson¹s visionary project following the migration of birds and whales in the Western Hemisphere
  • California Wash - Helen and Newton Harrison, A "landscape sculpture" memorial to pre-development ecology.
  • Center for Land Use Interpretation - Artists consider how the world's lands are apportioned, utilized and perceived
  • Center For Urban Restoration Ecology - working to restore and enhance the ecological integrity of degraded public lands
  • Future Garden: The Endangered Meadows of Europe - The Harrison's again, this time on the roof of the National gallery of Germany. Future Garden part I, The endangered Meadows of Europe.
  • GhostNets: Aviva Rahmani's work on art, nature and restoration along the shores of Maine.
  • Green Museum - an online museum of environmental art
  • Infinity City:The Infinity City project website
  • Jeroen van Westen - landscape is legible; a landscape reveals how the culture which created it related to the nature with which, and in which, the landscape was made.
  • Keepers of the Waters - promotes and designs projects that restore, preserve and remediate water sources using a combination of art, science, and community involvment. Science is the base of information that people need to understand the issue; art is the means of communication and inspiration; community involvement brings in all those who wish to restore and preserve their water quality.
  • Littoral (formerly Projects Environment) - Arts trusts for social and environmental change. Littoral supports artists working in the field of agricultural and rural development through conference, commissions and projects.
  • Ocean Arks International - A global leader in the field of ecological water purification. In response to the alarming rate of natural resource exploitation and depletion, their mission is to disseminate the ideas and practices of ecological sustainability throughout the world.
  • Peninsula Europe:An ecological art project by Helen Mayer Harrison and Newton Harrison
    Commissioned by the EXPO 2000 and the Schweisfurth Foundation
  • Platform - London based arts group promoting creative process of democratic engagement to advance social and ecological justice
  • Revival Field :Mel Chin, Reprinted from Agricultural Research, USDA-ARS, November 1995
  • SaveHaysWoods.org - a group opposed to a MTR mining and development proposal in Pittsburgh PA .
  • Seen and Unseen - Skinningrove Collaborative Forum - Long-term, region-wide initiative to affect collaborative solutions to pollution.
  • Slaggarden Website - Produced in conjunction with the Carnegie Mellon University Gallery and their several-years-in-the-making Nine Mile Run Greenway project in Pittsburgh. As well as documenting the Nine Mile Project, the site is a rich source of information on art, activism, environmental political action and ecological issues internationally.
  • Slap - Slap plans to establish a forum for farmers, scientists, writers, philosophers and artists. Following the necessary stock-taking of the the state of european agricultural structures. The artists shall work on the actual situation of agriculture and landscape to define ideas, concepts and topics for concrete actions on agrarian landscapes.
  • TERRA NOVA:Herman Prigann, A project for the aesthetic and ecological recycling of derlict landscapes
  • The Elevated Wetlands- Noel Harding, with the plastics industry along the Don River in Toronto.
  • The Sockeye Arts :- Gregg Schlanger directs this Art, Education and Science organization.
  • Water and Well Being and Arts for Health - Research and development project being undertaken by David Haley, Manchester Metropolitan University. (link down)
  • Wildlands Project: The goal of the Wildlands Project is to set aside approximately fifty (50) percent of the North American continent (Turtle Island) as "wild land" for the preservation of biological diversity.
  • WochenKlausur - Art and Concrete Intervention
  • Women Environmental Artists Directory: free listings for women arts professionals concerned with environmental issues, methods, and/or materials in any media, including work in bioregionalism, environmental education, eco-feminism, eco-spirituality, and healing. The Directory is inclusive of a broad range of work: from conceptual to functional, land reclamation to recycling, studio work and public venues. Its purpose is to provide access to information and networking among artists, curators, writers, arts administrators, educators in art and ecology, cross-disciplinary people, and others.
  • PA Turnpike - learn about the Mon-Fayette Expressway from the people whose business it is to complete it.
  • Say What?: Mon-Fayette Expressway - an article written by Tal Ilany in opposition to the proposed stretch into Pittsburgh
  • Mon Valley History
  • Mon Valley Initiative - a non-profit community and economic development coalition of 12 community development corporations

Scientific References for Artists

Theory and Practice

  • Adbusters - Adbusters is a global network of artists and activists whose goal is to "galvanise resistance against those who would threaten the environment."
  • Art For Earth's Sake - theorist Suzi Gablik, on art as if the earth mattered.
  • Aune Head Arts - Aune Head Arts is a community and environmentally oriented not-for-profit organization dedicated to charitable purposes. Their work is focused on projects relating to the community and environment of dartmoor.
  • Between Nature: Explorations in Ecology and Performance - International symposium held in July 2000, based at the University of Lancaster, to address the relation between performance, ecology and biological systems. The conference included original performances, installations, interactive workshops, with academic presentations, dialogues and seminars
  • Community Arts Network - Telling and Listening in Public: The Critical Discourse by Linda Frye Burnham
  • DER BEVÖLKERUNG - Artist Hans Haacke commissioned to do a piece in Germany's Bundestages
  • Dialogical Aesthetics - A Critical Framework For Littoral Art, by Grant Kester
  • Friends of the Earth - Art Bypass originator.
  • Landscape and Art Network - Concerned with the defense and improvement of the quality of life in the rural and urban environment in the UK.
  • New Academy for Nature and Culture - In Fall 2000 Loyola University Chicago reached an agreement with the New Academy for Nature and Culture to work toward a degree offering for individuals interested in sustaining restoration projects.
  • Social Sculpture Research UNIT - Ongoing research project into social sculpture and artists working in the arena of environmental and ecological issues.
  • Suzanne Lacy - is a theorist of public art and a pioneer in community development through art.

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