"I love to sing spirituals out on the water, not that I know any. Alone in my kayak I blend in with the world. I am aware of my smallness in the great course of things. I have scouted its shores for animals, watched an egret fishing, the shape of its catch slowly sliding down its long neck, the glide to a stop of the great blue heron, and the eagle family walking through the pine trees at its edge. It is the only place of deep religion. I have sat with water above and water below through great storms, the night, and simple rain drops. I fear its mix with wind , its depths, its creatures, its currents. Yet I have to be there, and I am inspired to sing."

Valerie Lucas on the 3r2n boat on the river

Valerie Lucas

Art Teacher
Homewood Montessori School
3 Rivers 2nd Nature Project Associate