"I believe that culture is moving away from the conservationist paradigm where nature is valued in its distance from culture. The emerging paradigm is based on emerging theories and knowledge in restoration ecology. As I read my way through the various disciplines which attend restoration ecology, it is clear to me that the role of the artist, as cultural worker (and a recognized participant in the emerging scientific and cultural effort to restore and steward nature) is to model new relationships to knowledge and experience of second nature. I am interested in the properties which define the perception of systems and the causal relationships in the experience of an aesthetic of diversity."

"Art is not an arbitrary cultural compliment to science but rather, stands in critical tension to it. When, for instance the cultural and human sciences are rightly accused of lack of spirit, this is almost always at the same time a lack of aesthetic discernment."

- Theodor Adorno
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Tim Collins walks on water at Point State Park Pittsburgh

Tim Collins

Project Director
3 Rivers 2nd Nature Research Fellow
STUDIO for Creative Inquiry

Artist Portfolio for Tim Collins

University of Wolverhampton
School of Art & Design
Molineux Street
Wolverhampton WV1 1SB