"Green Infrastructure--a new and fascinating term for me in the context of urban ecology. As I have come to know it in this 3R2N project, it means the weave and integration of remaining natural systems, the connectivity of open space and streams, of hillsides and floodplains. These pieces--remnants of grand natural systems--function together and support a surprising diversity of birds, mammals, insects, microbes, people, fish--the whole shebang. And after 50 miles of driving a boat on the river observing and collecting data, the shebang is bigger and more diverse, and supports more life than I ever realized (as a native Pittsburgher). Until recently, I've driven 1.5 hours to get into nature to hike, feel, and observe nature. Now I know it's a lot closer to home. I look forward to the next part of the project, working with the team to identify opportunities to enhance river font ecosystems and increase ecological integrity locally."


Project Team

Suzy Meyer taking notes while standing in the river

Suzy Meyer

Landscape Information Architect
3 Rivers 2nd Nature Research Fellow
STUDIO for Creative Inquiry