"I've always been around water-fishing with friends and dad, canoeing and kayaking with my wife, cruising with my grandfather. Waters engage my being like nothing else, providing rest with soothing flows and placid surfaces, excitement through the mass and movement of currents and waves, and fascination in submerged and neighboring creatures. Pittsburgh has a wealth of water, an aqueous beauty that seems to me both valued and under-appreciated. Many folks love the rivers, but don't realize how much water is a part of the uplands, too. Through the daylighting project, we hope to reveal how the function and value of Pittsburgh's rivers depends a good deal on what happens on the tributaries and their watersheds. Many of the tributaries lie buried now, but some can live again if we realize the value of bringing them back."


Project Team

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Richard Pinkham

Rocky Mountain Institute
3 Rivers 2nd Nature Research Associate