"In, 1996 I presented a wooden boat for the exhibition called The Boat as Metaphor at 3 Rivers Rowing, on Washington's Landing in the Allegheny River. I embossed the surface of the wooden boat with the names of the endangered and threatened species of the area, suggesting the dependence of all living things on water. The audience could request to use the boat through the rowing club, as part of my exhibition intent. I romanticized unknown parts of the rivers, new people and the memories I would treasure. I spent a month thinking about the names of 117 birds, plants, mammals, insects, fish, reptiles and amphibians, they all exist on that boat. I dreamt of meeting with all the living things along the rivers. Here and now, in the summer of 2000 I am on a boat almost every day."

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Reiko Goto by the 3r2n boat on the banks of the river

Reiko Goto

Creative Director
3 Rivers 2nd Nature Research Fellow
STUDIO for Creative Inquiry

Reiko Goto Artist Portfolio