"When I first moved to Pittsburgh, I was vaguely aware of the rivers when I had to cross a bridge. As far as I knew, you had to be a member of some exclusive yacht club to get any closer to them, although many Pittsburghers assured me that the rivers were too dirty for anyone to want to get near them. When I discovered jetskiing, a whole new world opened up. I'm well aware that this sport has its critics but for me, it's an inexpensive and fun way to enjoy this city's beautiful waterways. And yes, they are beautiful and no longer polluted. I love the different perspective of seeing neighborhoods and buildings from the river. I love cruising the rivers, stopping to admire a flock of resting geese and taking a lunch break at a riverside restaurant (could we get more of those?)."

Jennifer Brodt on a jet ski in the river

Jennifer Brodt

Business Manager
STUDIO for Creative Inquiry
Friend of 3 Rivers 2nd Nature