"It is very rewarding on both a personal and professional level to be involved in a unique project like 3R2N, where many people with different areas of expertise converge to make this city a better place to live. Our river system is arguably the city's most important ecological resource, and as such, much of this region's future development will be dependant on a healthy and vital river ecosystem.

On a personal level, the 3R2N project has allowed me an upclose view of the many wonders that can be found in and around Pittsburgh's three rivers. In exchange for my efforts, I have been rewarded with an in-depth understanding of the natural, cultural, and historical impact of these rivers on the city of Pittsburgh. This knowledge has helped me to understand the value of projects like 3R2N, and to understand that through participation in such projects, I can choose to make a difference."

gary yakub taking a water sample

Gary P. Yakub