"Both literally and symbolically, I consider my camera to be an instrument of focus. In my association with the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, I have the privilege of focusing of the natural beauty of the Pittsburgh area and bringing that beauty to greater levels of public awareness. Fortunately, the city itself has begun to focus on the environment and related quality of life issues; atoning in some ways for the sins of its industrial past. With the attention that's being given to our urban parks, green spaces and waterways, Pittsburgh has an opportunity to set the standard for the country for what could be termed an urban environmental renaissance. To do this, it has to avoid the pitfalls of glitzy packaging and financial exploitation. City planners must realize that the qualities of beauty and naturalness must take priority over issues of pure economic development."

cliff McGill on the 3r2n Boat photographing the river

Cliff McGill

3 Rivers 2nd Nature Project Associate
Carnegie Mellon University