"What could be more fascinating than taking care of nature, which not only supports our existence but also provides us with spiritual and mental healing. And, what could be more interesting than studying the water quality of the rivers, which are the source of our drinking water as well as recreation. However, water systems are more complicated than we normally think. Natural water cycles, which works under stable conditions to support biota and cleanse pollutants, can not handle the excessive loads of minerals, nutrients, and pollutants that humans load during their daily activities, directly into rivers or indirectly into lands and air. The result is deteriorated water qualities, which consequently affect our health and the environment. As an environmental scientists and chemist, I am totally absorbed into the 3 Rivers 2nd Nature project which addresses the most critical questions in water issues and studies directly the water quality of the rivers and streams in Allegheny County."

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Ayat Osman on a bridge over the river

Ayat Osman

3 Rivers 2nd Nature Research Assistant
MS Environmental Science
B.Sc. Chemistry
Duquesne University